The learner, the school and the savagery of racism

Our youngest son Kwame Stainbank was a student at Rivonia Primary School from Grade 1 to Grade 7. As best we can recall, in 2008 Kwame was a 12-year-old learner in Grade 6. The material fact is that one day in the time that Kwame was a student at your school, the class teacher informed learners that they will be visiting “The Apartheid Museum.”

While fellow learners expressed excitement, Kwame immediately told his teacher that he will definitely not join his classmates on this particular outing. When asked why, Kwame, young as he was then, could not explain the protection of intellectual property rights under International Law and the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights. Neither could he explain the true meaning of the rule of law, as promised by this ANC led government in 1994. To the best of his ability, at 12 years of age, he told the class that his father had conceived The Apartheid Museum™ and that Gold Reef City Casino, headed by Solly and Abe Krok, had stolen it.

Kwame came home that day and told us of how the class laughed at him. The teacher was amused. He conveyed the incident simply as a matter of fact, without any traceable emotion. Shirley and I later spoke privately of the humiliation our child must have suffered in front of his classmates. The primary purpose of the exhaustive evidence we now provide is intended to vindicate our son’s courage and integrity in the face of ridicule, those many years ago.

There are other reasons for providing you and others with our unchallenged evidence and allegations. Every response/non-response, every action/inaction, informs our thesis on the Savagery of Racism. Our family harbours no ill feelings toward your school because we know that mainstream media, the ANC and the South African Government, including the Judiciary, the HAWKS and others, have allowed this racist fraud for 18 years.

TODAY, parents, learners and tourists will be defrauded by Gold Reef City Casino.

I can confirm that I chose a term of imprisonment, rather than apologise to Gold Reef City Casino and others involved in their racist fraud. I called them out publicly as violent, racist liars, fraudsters and thieves, perpetrators of torture and gross human rights violations. The detail of my allegations, seen through the eyes of Acting Judge Keightley, is captured under Case No: 37609/2014 GLD JHB. Her judgment can be accessed on the internet. Had I signed that apology, prepared by Gold Reef City Casino, I would have absolved the criminality of, among others, the Gauteng Gambling Board, the Registrar of Companies, the National Lotteries Commission and the Judiciary; all captured organs of state, under government led by the ANC.  I would never have been able to vindicate Kwame’s courage.

In support of our effort to educate a cognitive understanding of the savagery of racism, we have attached two dossiers. The first is made up of just three letters; total of six pages. It is headed:



We have supplemented the MAKHANYA/UNISA dossier with two pages of evidence titled:



These two pages show the names of those who worked in concert with Mr Christopher Till, who is one among other violent racist criminals of Gold Reef City Casino. The last added page is a letter we received from ANC Minister of Education Kader Asmal in 2003. After reading our unchallenged evidence about the conduct of ANC cadres deployed in organs of state, you may appreciate why, 16 years later, we treat Kader Asmal’s explanation with contempt.

Our second dossier was delivered to the Judicial Commission of Inquiry into State Capture on 19 February 2019. The name and registration number of the company that Rivonia School paid on that visit years ago, is our absolute proof that THE SOUTH AFRICAN APARTHEID MUSEUM AT FREEDOM PARK, REGISTRATION: 2001/019108/08, is nothing but figment in the imagination of a corrupt judiciary. Gold Reef City Casino, as Kwame said, stole our lives, secured my imprisonment and defrauded your school. As activists and educators, we teach that silence in the face of fraud, is fraud. Silence in the face of racism, is racism.