DEAR SOUTH AFRICA . . . and the world that visited this racist edifice

Our first attachment is self-explanatory.

Our second attachment reflects Mike Stainbank R50.00 cash deposit at Nedbank Woodmead on 19 October 2020 at 12H58

The recipient is clearly shown as “THE SOUTH AFRICAN APARTHEID MUSEUM AT FREEDOM PARK” (8 Words)

Under the Financial Intelligence Centre Act, NEDBANK, would be compelled to PROVE the LEGAL existence of their client.

BUT; the House Negro, non-white slave and racist, whether in Judiciary, Parliament or Executive will NEVER bring White Criminals to account.

The South African Police/HAWKS, also know they have limitations on arresting Racist White/Jewish Criminals.

All twenty years of this Crime Against Humanity, originate at NEDBANK Edward Nathan Friedland (Pty) Ltd.

The second attachment is conclusive proof of JUDICIAL VIOLENCE FRAUD RACISM, under a purportedly constitutional democracy.

Mike Stainbank is active on Twitter@DefineRacism1 and @2001_019108_08