First Political Prisoner Post 1994

1998 Prospectus: The Apartheid Museum

Mike Stainbank, who registered the trademark The Apartheid Museum® in 1990 and published his prospectus in 1998, believes he is the very first political prisoner in South Africa, since the African National Congress assumed political power in 1994. In this affidavit, Stainbank explains criminality beginning twenty one years ago. This criminality, he says, has brought upon his family, violence, imprisonment, isolation, loss, destitution, trauma, and unlawful dispossession of their property. All this, he explains, comes about, through the orders of all three superior courts, at the behest of a non-existent person. He seeks public input into his assertion that he is the FIRST POLITICAL PRISONER POST 1994. Anybody, on request, is welcome to a commissioned copy of Stainbank’s affidavit.

Mike Stainbank is active on Twitter: @DefineRacism1 and @2001_019108_08