First Political Prisoner Post 1994

1998 Prospectus: The Apartheid Museum

Mike Stainbank, who registered the trademark The Apartheid Museum® in 1990 and published his prospectus in 1998, believes he is the very first political prisoner in South Africa, since the African National Congress assumed political power in 1994. In this affidavit, Stainbank explains criminality beginning twenty one years ago. This criminality, he says, has brought upon his family, violence, imprisonment, isolation, loss, destitution, trauma, and unlawful dispossession of their property. All this, he explains, comes about, through the orders of all three superior courts, at the behest of a non-existent person. He seeks public input into his assertion that he is the FIRST POLITICAL PRISONER POST 1994. Anybody, on request, is welcome to a commissioned copy of Stainbank’s affidavit.

Mike Stainbank is active on Twitter: @DefineRacism1 and @2001_019108_08



The Role of the University in a Constitutional Democracy

Mike Stainbank @DefineRacism1 emailed this letter to University of Cape Town Vice Chancellor, Professor Mamokgethi Phakeng. Copied in that email is the Office of The Chief Justice, President Cyril Ramaphosa and Parliament, through the Speaker of the National Assembly.

Professor Danwood Chirwa; Dean of the School of Law at UCT replied to Stainbank’s letter. His reply is included. Mike Stainbank informs us that he has yet to ascertain whether Chirwa’s response was with or without the authority of Vice Chancellor Phakeng. None of the others who were copied have responded to Stainbank’s very serious allegations.

Mike Stainbank is active on Twitter: @DefineRacism1 and @2001_019108_08



Seventeen Violent Years Against My Family

In this short affidavit, specifically prepared for domestic and international citizens of the world, Mike Stainbank, speaks of seventeen violent years against his family

The first court hearing in the case of the Registered Trademark: The Apartheid Museum® is on FRIDAY 20 June 2003, before Justice Brian Southwood in the Pretoria Hight Court.

Mike Stainbank is active on Twitter: @DefineRacism1 and @2001_019108_08




When the Economic Freedom Fighters, led by Commander in Chief Julius Malema, disrupted the 2020 State of the Nation Address, they inadvertently exposed deception in the narrative that legitimizes Parliament. The EFF eventually walked out after their call for the removal of White Apartheid President FW de Klerk, failed to garner support from other political parties. Nothing in the public domain, since 13 February 2020, adequately demonstrates whether the EFF were driven by politics or principle. This short essay departs from the record of SONA 2020 and journeys through questionable aspects of the official explanation about how our Constitutional Democracy comes into existence.

In considering other truths that ground the deliberations of this essay, it is important to note first, that the Speaker of the National Assembly, Ms Thandi Modise (ANC) rose to the defense of FW de Klerk. Equally important is the support she received from ANC leaders in Parliament on the day. The FW de Klerk Foundation issued a press statement reiterating de Klerk’s position within 24 hours of the State of the Nation Address.

It is only after the EFF protest stirred public memory of apartheid atrocities, that ANC leaders realised where public anger would impact most. They implored de Klerk to consider the voter fall-out they may have to face. The retraction that followed, with an apology, saw FW de Klerk finally acknowledge United Nations General Assembly Resolution 1761. The retraction statement read in part:

It includes ‘the crime of apartheid’ as a crime against humanity and defines it as “inhumane acts …committed in the context of an institutional regime of systematic oppression and domination by one racial group over any other racial group or groups and committed with the intention of maintaining that regime.

Considered  with  related  notes  in  the  history  of  South  Africa,  this  essay  examines Parliaments consensus against the efforts of the Economic Freedom Fighters.


Honest historians reason “apartheid” within a continuum of European aggression that began with the colonisation of Afrika in the 17th Century through to Europe’s Conference that was held in Berlin in 1884. The United States joined European nations in an unholy alliance that ruptured everything Afrikans understand as humane. They resolved to thieve both the land and personality of Afrikans. For Afrika, the most barbaric crimes against humanity can be found in documented evidence against the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom. The lineage of FW de Klerk, like Hendrik Verwoerd, can be traced back to Jan van Riebeeck who headed the first three conquering ships, Dromedaris, Rejiger and De Goede Hoop. They landed at the Cape from the Netherlands on 06 April 1652.

When the history of European cruelty is assessed by Afrikans, it becomes easy to understand why FW de Klerk, and his broader Dutch Settler Community, take exception to the UN resolution against apartheid. Understandably, they cannot comprehend why they were singled out. Afrika’s archive is replete with evidence of unspeakable, inhumane atrocities, throughout the continent. APARTHEID, in implementation, was precisely the resolution of the Berlin Conference of 1884. The United Nations, had it chosen honesty, ought to have resolved that “COLONISATION was a crime against humanity.”


FW de Klerk sat unmoved at SONA 2020 as truths about the violent White racist community were televised to the world. It never occurred to de Klerk, that, leaving of his own volition, may have salvaged what remnant of humanity he had left to justify his presence in Parliament. FW de Klerk and the ANC were aware of EFF plans before SONA. It is precisely this accord between the two, traced back to its origins, that exposes the fault lines in a Parliament that is explained as a legitimate progression of a negotiated settlement.

This essay draws from the fact that most historians set the date of the development of an accord between political prisoner Nelson Mandela and the apartheid regime, at or about 1985. Mandela and de Klerk though jointly awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, on both their versions, cannot lay claim to have acted honestly nor magnanimously On both versions, their accord originates in secret discussions which, initiated by the apartheid regime, immediately casts a dark shadow of exclusion, that, with the passing of time and exposés reveals decades of fraudulent misrepresentation. Typically, less than a month before SONA 2020, Ms Barbara Hogan, a Senior White ANC Operative, added more to reveal the extent to which the ANC was infiltrated by the apartheid regime. Hogan was testifying at the inquiry into the 1982 death in detention of Neil Aggett. It is Hogan’s second admission, examined with Roelf Meyer’s earlier statement, that helps us understand the questionable relationship between the ANC and the apartheid regime. Hogan explained that, in 1977, the Black Consciousness Movement and its leaders such as Steve Biko were “the most visible and active opposition to the apartheid government.” It was Hogan who described the BCM as “the pre-eminent Black political movement of that era”.

The build-up to the first “democratic” election began in 1990 when print, radio and television, was fully controlled by White media owners and the apartheid regime. The deification of Nelson Mandela and promotion of the ANC as the foremost Black liberation movement was their agenda. Roelf Meyer, chief negotiator on behalf of the regime, is a liar who needs to legitimize the process that bought about our “constitutional democracy”

“Every level-headed South African knew that essentially the settlement will come from the government and the ANC. The one had the power and the other one had the majority support. We maintained a very close link with our principles. I reported to FW de Klerk and Cyril Ramaphosa reported to Mandela, but very much on the same basis, very close line, very hands on.”

Considered against Meyer’s dishonesty, that proposition, presented to Mandela alone, to this day marketed as a magnanimous political gesture, simply does not wash. Nothing explains why the apartheid regime could not have put that self-same proposal to all political prisoners in one sitting. Every political prisoner was incarcerated on Robben Island, because of one common revolutionary objective: ‘to bring an end to apartheid’. Nobody understood that better than Mandela. The regime, on their own version, approached prisoner Mandela, with a view to ‘bringing an end to apartheid’. Mandela was aware of all manner of divide and rule apartheid schemes. Nothing explains why prisoner Mandela did not immediately reject as inappropriate, an exclusionist approach that came from the regime. FW de Klerk sat unmoved in his seat and the ANC did not support the EFF because of an accord that originates in clandestine meetings, dating back thirty-five years.


Janusz Walus and Clive Derby-Lewis admitted to conspiracy that led to the assassination of Chris Hani on 10th April 1993. At the time of his assassination Hani was the revered General Secretary of the South African Communist Party and his respected legacy as Chief of Staff for Umkhonto we Sizwe, though neglected since his assassination, is nevertheless adequately documented. By most credible accounts, Chris Hani was the natural successor to Nelson Mandela, within the arrangement that is marketed as a “negotiated settlement”.

Clive Derby-Lewis, an archetypical descendant of the collective European mind that gathered at the Berlin Conference, remained firm in his beliefs until the day he died. Within the matrix of depravity and half-truths he brings to his last recorded interview, there is one aspect of his version that is proven by events over the past twenty six years, and especially, by the spectacle that played out at the State of the Nation Address. His contention that de Klerk’s National Party, surreptitiously engineered a power sharing deal with the African National Congress, cannot be faulted.

The apartheid regime freed prisoner Mandela on 07 December 1988. Charged with the responsibility to bring other ANC leaders on board, he was provided a comfortable home on the grounds of Victor Verster Prison, to receive and consult with whomsoever he pleased. Unless and until we interpret these shady events for what they really were, we will remain diverted by Janusz Walus and Clive Derby-Lewis. We will never see, as clearly as Chris Hani did, that, those clandestine meetings had brought us to the point of no return.


At the time Chris Hani demanded that FW de Klerk be held accountable, he was head of the SACP and MK Chief of Staff. It is in this context that the ANC position at SONA 2020, raises suspicions. In proper construction, Chris Hani preceded the EFF, ANC and every other political party represented in Parliament since 27 April 1994. The decision to continue “negotiations” with the apartheid regime, after Hani’s assassination, cannot be rationalized on the grounds we heard at his funeral and certainly not on revolutionary principles. This purportedly Democratic State does not come into being because of the revolutionary contribution of Chris Hani. It owes its existence to evidence of the machinations that Chris Hani had warned us about. A Parliament that speaks after the voice of Chris Hani has so been silenced, may one day have to account for crimes against humanity.

There exists amongst human beings, because they are human, a solidarity through which each shares responsibility for every injustice and every wrong committed in the world and especially for crimes that are committed in his presence or of which he cannot be ignorant. If I do not do whatever I can to prevent them, I am an accomplice in them. If I have not risked my life in order to prevent the murder of other men, if I have stood silent, I feel guilty in a sense that cannot in any adequate fashion be understood juridically or politically or morally. That I am still alive after such things have been done weighs on me as a guilt that cannot be expiated. Somewhere in the heart of human relations, an absolute command imposes itself: in case of criminal attack or of living conditions that threaten physical being, accept life for all together or not at all. Karl Theodore Jaspers (1883 – 1969)

Mike Stainbank. Founder: The Apartheid Museum

Criminals adorned in judicial robes – Mike Stainbank

THE INESCAPABLE CONCLUSION: These minutes form part of our JSC Complaint 489/2016, which refers to Advocate George Bizos, as the linchpin in the fraud of the owners of the Gold Reef City Casino License.

Especially because Gold Reef City Casino operates under a PUBLIC LICENCE; Mike Stainbank confirms that the content of this article can be made available to those who would prefer to have it placed under oath.

For further clarification and questions on these documents, the public is invited to engage us on Twitter @DefineRacism1 and @2001_019108_08


Mike Stainbank submissions to The South African Human Rights Commission

On 22 January 2020, Mike Stainbank, the owner of the registered trademark The Apartheid Museum® met with The South African Human Rights Commission. The Commission indicated that they are considering a review of the case of racism that Stainbank had brought to them on three occasions since the year 2003. The three submissions following the meeting of January 2020, relate to what Stainbank alleges are violent and gross human rights abuses, manifest in loss of dignity, physical and mental torture, destitution, loss of income, loss of property, dating back to the year 2000. At the heart of the matter are two White males, Solly and Abe Krok, who, with Gold Reef City Casino, claimed to have originated the three words: The Apartheid Museum. The evidence, according to Stainbank, conclusively shows that they made these dishonest claims while in possession of his 48- page full-colour prospectus under the registered trademark: The Apartheid Museum®.


Signed Parliament 2020

MIKE STAINBANK challenges voters to take charge of their servants, and, under oath, alleges Parliament criminal, in breach and without legitimacy.

“The 400 Members of Parliament, both White and non-white, in the year 2020, have effectively agreed to the Sobukwe Clause. And, unless ALL the voters, in order to protect the constitution, take charge of the servants they have entrusted to Parliament, both White and non-white violent criminals, regardless of this evidence which shows Parliament in breach and without legitimacy, will proceed with the impeachment of Advocate Busisiwe Mkhwebane.”


Gold Reef City Casino and The Murder of Dan Mzizi

Bongani Biyela is the only, owner director of the Gold Reef City Casino Licence who commented on the murder of Dan Mzizi in March 2001. In nineteen years of investigation we have been unable to find a comment from any of the senior White and non-white criminals who bid for the Gold Reef City Casino Licence. The transcript of the Public Hearings on 12 November 1997 indicate that Bongani Biyela was the most junior player in the room, with his funded Youth Investment Network. His contribution is infantile. The multi-millionaire status he and others enjoy today comes from unjustified enrichment.

Dan Mzizi is murdered, supposedly by thieves who, mysteriously, steal nothing, when they could have stolen everything. The comment Biyela makes to media, is inconsistent with the evidence we have gathered over the past nineteen years: “I didn’t know Dan had enemies. I am puzzled. We have got all sorts of unanswered questions.”

The murder of Dan Mzizi will make more sense to those who are willing to study closely (not just read) the content of this two-page letter which is addressed to Dan Mzizi. Most important is the heading FREEDOM PARK and the date 31 October 2000. Gold Reef City is awarded a temporary casino licence in 1998, subject to the completion of FREEDOM PARK in three years. On their own version, the Gauteng Gambling Board could never have confirmed the final licence without FREEDOM PARK as the deliverable.

This is the document that explodes the numerous blatant lies and deliberate omissions in court judgments and mainstream media. The two corrupt and captured House Negroes who headed the Gauteng Gambling Board back then were Advocate Isaac Vincent Maleka SC (Chairman) and Advocate Ishmael Semenya SC (Vice Chairman). For further clarification and questions on this document, public is invited to engage us on Twitter @DefineRacism1 and @2001_019108_08

This introduction has been penned by Mike Stainbank; owner of the Registered Trademark The Apartheid Museum®. This statement can be made available to anybody who may prefer it placed under oath.


Sam Sole – SANEF Fraud Racism

TWITTER WARS: Mike Stainbank vs Sam Sole

On Monday 23 December 2019, Investigative Journalist @SamSoleSA of amaBhungane tweeted the following response to Mike Stainbank @DefineRacism1:

Kwanele is one of the most decent people I know. Whatever injustice was done regarding The Apartheid Museum, I think you need to get help.”

Mike Stainbank has responded with this ten page affidavit:


Professor Es’kia Mphahlele – 100 Years

PROFESSOR ES’KIA MPHAHLELE – 17 December 1919 – 28 October 2008

MME REBECCA MPHAHLELE – 17 August 1920 – 04 December 2004


Dear Prof and Mama Mphahlele

Born one hundred years ago; just eight months apart, your lifelong embrace was my privilege to behold; as though you were born one. And yet, for me, you were dissimilar personalities whose parenting, I too benefitted from. This short essay was not the plan for December 2019. As I write, I do so with the deep sense that you are aware of all that has reduced us to just this. Far too often, as I go about in this physical form, I sense your presence, your guidance.

Mama, when you passed in 2004, we had not yet secured funding for the building of The Es’kia Institute. Friday 10 December 2010 at 9h05 was our most exciting day. We received notification, by way of an email. The National Lotteries Board confirmed our grant of R46,678,123.00 (forty-six million, six hundred and seventy-eight thousand, one hundred and twenty-three rand). NLB Project Number: 35454, as you know, did not come easy Prof. We shared our struggles with you. You may remember, the NLB insisted that we secure land, before they grant us the funding. We worked hard and secured two donated sites, one in Polokwane and the other in Soweto.

That glorious Tuesday 29 October 2002 at the Vodaworld Auditorium comes to mind now. The launch of our first book ES’KIA coincided with the launch of The Es’kia Institute. Under the theme GATHER AFRIKANS GATHER, about five hundred, South African luminaries gathered because, they too, were, “inspired by the life and works of Es’kia Mphahlele.”

You will remember our major funders for that evening were ESKOM, through Chairman Reuel Khoza, the Limpopo Provincial Government, through Premier Ngoako Ramatlhodi and the National Arts Council, through John Kani. Prof, somewhere, deep in our now disrupted archives, are the many glowing praises in honour of your contribution to Afrika and the world. (By the way Mama, for the record, very few people know that my first visit to Lebowakgomo had nothing whatsoever to do with your beloved intellectual husband. It was you who asked for my assistance with your funding proposal for your Early Learning Childhood Centre. Zeke, as you often boasted, came later with his request for assistance to publish his old papers.)

Throughout our time together you were generous in conveying gratitude. Prof, there are very few pensioners who, at 83, will complain of retirement and even fewer will take on the task of learning to use a computer, rather than stick to a typewriter. Lebowakgomo, you often said, took you out of the intellectual engagement you yearned for. It should not be difficult to compile a record of your engagements after 29 October 2002. Pretoria renamed their library in the Sammy Marks building, The Es’kia Mphahlele Community Library and changed DF Malan Drive to Es’kia Mphahlele Drive. We published ES’KIA Continued. Where is that scrapbook of press clippings, we gave you as a present on some or other special occasion?


Prof, Mama, I must, unfortunately move past our joyous celebrations together and update you on the violence and destitution that has befallen us. Today, I especially want to apologise for the fact that The Es’kia Institute, has since been gutted. I owe an explanation that I hope you will understand. I will be short, because, after Prof threw my first draft manuscript into the dustbin and told me to start from scratch, I revisited our confrontation with Gold Reef City Casino and published a more detailed account in 2011, under the title:

We look at White people and we think Oh! MY GOD!

The TRUE story of two racist White men and The Apartheid Museum

In November 2001, REUEL KHOZA, as Chairman of Gold Reef City Casino with JOHN KANI, employed by the casino, orchestrated the blatant lie that “Solly and Abe Krok conceived The Apartheid Museum.” South African and international media played that blatant lie worldwide. Prof, your contribution to our prospectus, published in 1998 reads:

“When we can assemble here, under this multi-dimensional “dome”, when we can commune among ourselves, feel one another, seek one another out, across the barriers of the philistines and ogres of our recent past who manipulated so much of our history; when we can restore the sense of beauty and selfhood, the community our forefathers enjoyed, we can rightly inhabit this mini-city in the profoundest sense of the word. That is, we can share in the joy of an environment in which we ourselves shall be the human dimension, the social dynamic propelled by that sense of becoming itself a compulsive act of cultural wholeness. Surely herein lies the answer, applicable to all in this country. Thus, we shall breed the unifying content of our character into the enterprise, give it our own life”

Come 2013, we had been in litigation with Gold Reef City Casino for eleven years. We had investigated and uncovered almost every detail of their transnational fraud, proving also that they worked in collusion with criminal cadres deployed by the African National Congress in organs of state, including the judiciary. To bring an end to the litigation, they devised a savage scheme, to cut off my primary source of income. Gold Reef City Casino, in a secret meeting with the National Lotteries Board and the South African Police, concocted an unbelievable story about how I, as Chief Executive Officer and Trustee, had stolen R9Million of the first tranche of R13Million that was paid to The Es’kia Institute. To this day, nobody can explain why they never brought this enormous “theft” to the attention of the Board of The Es’kia Institute. More seriously, in terms of the Public Finance and Management Act, the NLB is duty-bound to have me charged; if indeed I stole R9Million. Six years later – nothing.

REUEL KHOZA and JOHN KANI not only destroyed The Es’kia Institute Prof; they rendered destitute the families that depended on us. Mama, they engineered and drove the violence against innocent women and children, who were totally unconnected to the affairs of The Apartheid Museum. Reuel and John became aware of my intention to sue Gold Reef City Casino for infringement of my registered trademark in August 2002. Given what we know today, their funding of our launch in October 2002 and their very loud praises, play out as the deceitful filth of their White Zionist Masters; Solomon and Abraham Krok.

Poet Laurette, Don Materra wrote the foreword for ES’KIA. It is perhaps appropriate that I end my report with his view on the story of The Apartheid Museum.

“An intriguing yet most enlightening and powerful read so far Michael, soaked in and seeping in the brine of justified anger and the pain of being victim to criminal and racist skulduggery of the dirtiest gutter kind. For those of us with sentient souls, the tale unfolds. I now understand why your hands shake so much.”

Prof, Mama, we all love you, and for my part, until my last breath, it will be the same call:

GATHER AFRIKANS GATHER . . .  we have much more work to do.

Respectfully. Mike.

Museum could heal our wounds

Written by Mathatha Tsedu – SOWETAN 28 September 1998

It is just another house in Rivonia, Johannesburg. Automated gates, spacious lawns, and a well-built house set to the back of the plot. But step inside and you find a reception area decorated with African artefacts, paintings of African scenes and carvings. In the rooms beyond, a buzz of activity as this house-turned-into-an-office goes about its chores.

Down the passage, a door opens to a darkened room. As the dimmer light switch is turned on, the impact of its contents hits one in the face, leaving one gasping. Nelson Mandela, Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe, Steve Biko, Chris Hani and Desmond Tutu sit side by side in sculptures that in their own way tell the story of their persona. In between or was it on one side, is the sculpture of the scene that has come to represent the uprising of 1976, a limp body in the hands of an angry bigger brother, blood oozing out of the limp body as a sister screams as she runs alongside the boy. But in this sculpture, the woman, in the school uniform, raises her fist, defying death, telling the killers as it were that the struggle continues. In another corner is a woman, her face a blank slate, baby strapped to the back, one hand on her chest, and her fist high in the air in the salute that has since time immemorial represented power and defiance. It is not possible to stand there and but wonder and be awed by what that room represents. It is a monument of struggle and reminder of times past and present. It is in this room that the genesis of what has now come to be called The Apartheid Museum was born. Mike Stainbank, owner of the registered trademark, and originator of the concept, has been nursing the idea for over twenty years and says it is a museum of “our past, and a monument to our future, because it is only after lancing the abscess of colonialism and apartheid that we can understand the effect it has had on our lives” “Only then can we look towards healing, towards unifying our nation”.

But it is not the house that Stainbank wants to turn into a Museum. He wants it to be built in a billion-rand project which would be a “Vibrant, social, cultural, sporting and commercial concourse where our history is told interactively” Stainbank argues that the “tragedy of apartheid begs the South African Nation to take a strong position on lessons for humanity.

“The central concern is that we must realise that the healing and fulfillment that comes with it, can only be achieved by ourselves. We cannot view history at arms-length. We must look at our pain, examine it and process its’ effect on our lives.”

“The Apartheid Museum can and must serve to bring psychological peace to all those who suffered and continue to do so under the weight of the legacy of apartheid and oppression, Stainbank says in a brochure issued to launch the idea.

And what is the idea? It is to build a billion rand centre that will be home to a collective of centres interlinked by history and need, by commercial and social directives. It is a fusion of social-cultural sporting and commercial hubs that will ensure that the centre is not dependent on handouts to survive but is a viable entity surviving as it were on its own wits. Thus it will contain a shopping arcade with shops, cinemas and restaurants, a five-star hotel, supplemented by other lower standard accommodation including villages built nearby to give it a truly African feel. The museum will also have a medical centre, office blocks a financial corridor for banking. There will also be a hawkers market and expansive gardens for easy lazy walking.

An international travel bazaar will be feature in which countries wishing to promote their own tourism offerings will be able to exhibit their own history. A stadium will also be built whose ethos will be to reflect the loss that many South African sporting heroes suffered through apartheid. Other features include an archive library and computer training centre, a banquet hall, a 4000-seat auditorium for live music and theatre performances, an arts and culture centre, a conference facility and a World Peace Centre.

Where will this be built? This is where Stainbank’s personality comes through. He argues that as this is concept that can only be owned the nation, provinces should bid to host it. The province and city that wins the bid would benefit from the tourism attracted to this museum and thus reduce unemployment, he argues.

As South Africa struggles with its heritage and the African renaissance philosophy that is sweeping the country, the museum concept adds a new dimension in the understanding of the history of South Africa and the need to nurture a critical generation that will defend the freedoms gained through the pains of so many.



Open Letter to The Head of State – President Cyril Ramaphosa

OPEN LETTER – 27 April 2018


Head of State: Republic of South Africa, Union Buildings – Pretoria

Dear President Ramaphosa


This dossier of letters will adequately inform your understanding of the central issue we bring before you, specifically as Head of State. The Constitutional Court informs us that the Head of State is sufficiently resourced, empowered and obliged, to investigate any matter that may threaten the security of the State, because, as Head of State, you occupy a position that is “indispensable to the effective governance of our democratic country.”

Mr President, your duty has been made easier by the fact that Rob Davies, Minister in the DTI, with political accountability for the National Gambling Act, the Registrar of Companies and the National Lotteries Commission has been retained in your cabinet. Rob Davies must account for statutory law that brings into existence a Juristic Person; one empowered to sue or be sued.  Given this narrowed focus, we draw attention to my prison sentence, ordered by Keightley AJ, in Case Number 37609/2014 GLD JHB. Our challenge on the jurisdiction of the court rested entirely on the non-existence of the applicant that has been parading as: The South African Apartheid Museum At Freedom Park, bearing UNIQUE Registration No: 2001/019108/08, for 17 years. My imprisonment could have been avoided if I had apologised and disavowed, under my own hand. the law and evidence which shows that Gold Reef City Casino is a coterie of racists and non-white slaves; criminals, liars, fraudsters and thieves. I chose prison.

A PUBLIC LICENSE belongs to all the people of South Africa. Taxpayers financed probity checks on aspiring casino license owners. The Gauteng Gambling Board, led by Senior Advocates Maleka and Semenya with CEO Jacques Booysen unlawfully finalised the Gold Reef City Casino License after granting authority to a contractor under the name, The South African Apartheid Museum At Freedom Park, UNIQUE Registration No: 2001/019108/08. JSC Complaint 489/2016, submitted to Justice Minister Masutha, emphasises the point that every person designated an Officer of the Court, is duty bound to ensure that our judiciary, post 1994, is not under the control of racists, like Solly and Abe Krok; the initiators of this non-existent entity with George Bizos SC as a Director. The Republic is under threat.

The individuals who hold fiduciary responsibility for the Gold Reef City Casino License are Directors of Akani Egoli (Pty) Ltd, Akani Egoli Management (Pty) Ltd and Gold Reef Resorts Ltd. Parliament’s representatives on the JSC, tasked with oversight on the judiciary, should have taken special note of the fact that Mojapelo DJP, a Director of Akani Egoli Management, is one among other owners of the Gold Reef City Casino License who averred under oath that The South African Apartheid Museum At Freedom Park, UNIQUE Registration No: 2001/019108/08, is incorporated in compliance with the Companies Act 61 of 1973 and is constitutionally empowered to sue or be sued.  Mojapelo DJP handpicked every judge of the High Court. Without precedent in trademark infringement, not one judge, in 17 years, granted us leave to appeal. Keightley AJ, a White woman, serving a violent judiciary of savages, extended imprisonment that began in the court of Southwood J on FRIDAY 20 June 2003.

Head of State, the duty before you and Parliament of ALL the people, is to account for laws promulgated for the effective governance of our democratic country. In this instance, it is primarily the Income Tax Act read with the Companies Act 61 of 1973 and the Trademarks Act. Under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and international law, tourists worldwide are as much victims of this racist fraud as we are. Our IRBA dossier, submitted to the Minister of Tourism, SA National Editors Forum and SA Human Rights Commission, emphasises a moral and legal duty to inform tourists that they finance racism and fraud on every occasion that they enter that casino edifice; the absolute personification of colonial apartheid racism.


It is the period of 17 years that demonstrates savagery, violence, torture and inhumanity in the fraudulent dispossession of the intellectual property of a single Black family. The evidence reveals all three tiers of government and media in collusion with White Supremacists. The case of The Apartheid Museum™ trademark, considered with other gross human rights violations in our country over the past 24 years, points to a costuming of political power.  Crystal clear statutory law, ignored for 17 years, we submit, constitutes a violation of the oath of office in all three spheres of government. The promise of land expropriation, constitutionally entrenched or not, cannot be guaranteed while the judiciary, under government led by the ANC, remains a criminal syndicate of racists and non-white slaves engaged in the dispossession of Black property. We educate a cognitive understanding of the savagery of racism.

The Apartheid Museum™ New Landscape New Images: 1977-2018

“The Apartheid Museum shall act as a catalyst in restoring the psychological health and balance of a people destroyed by apartheid. This need for psychological redress is the primary challenge facing The Apartheid Museum.”


I am a Black person as defined in the lexicon of the Black Consciousness Movement. Black people are those who are, by law or tradition, politically oppressed, economically exploited and socially discriminated against and who identify as a unit in the struggle towards their aspirations to create a free and egalitarian society” (Willis J, shares his colonial view of history took it upon himself to conduct a race classification test from the bench. He settled on one of the many derogatory labels his forebears created for Afrikans. See Case No:10152/08 GLD JHB)

The learner, the school and the savagery of racism

Our youngest son Kwame Stainbank was a student at Rivonia Primary School from Grade 1 to Grade 7. As best we can recall, in 2008 Kwame was a 12-year-old learner in Grade 6. The material fact is that one day in the time that Kwame was a student at your school, the class teacher informed learners that they will be visiting “The Apartheid Museum.”

While fellow learners expressed excitement, Kwame immediately told his teacher that he will definitely not join his classmates on this particular outing. When asked why, Kwame, young as he was then, could not explain the protection of intellectual property rights under International Law and the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights. Neither could he explain the true meaning of the rule of law, as promised by this ANC led government in 1994. To the best of his ability, at 12 years of age, he told the class that his father had conceived The Apartheid Museum™ and that Gold Reef City Casino, headed by Solly and Abe Krok, had stolen it.

Kwame came home that day and told us of how the class laughed at him. The teacher was amused. He conveyed the incident simply as a matter of fact, without any traceable emotion. Shirley and I later spoke privately of the humiliation our child must have suffered in front of his classmates. The primary purpose of the exhaustive evidence we now provide is intended to vindicate our son’s courage and integrity in the face of ridicule, those many years ago.

There are other reasons for providing you and others with our unchallenged evidence and allegations. Every response/non-response, every action/inaction, informs our thesis on the Savagery of Racism. Our family harbours no ill feelings toward your school because we know that mainstream media, the ANC and the South African Government, including the Judiciary, the HAWKS and others, have allowed this racist fraud for 18 years.

TODAY, parents, learners and tourists will be defrauded by Gold Reef City Casino.

I can confirm that I chose a term of imprisonment, rather than apologise to Gold Reef City Casino and others involved in their racist fraud. I called them out publicly as violent, racist liars, fraudsters and thieves, perpetrators of torture and gross human rights violations. The detail of my allegations, seen through the eyes of Acting Judge Keightley, is captured under Case No: 37609/2014 GLD JHB. Her judgment can be accessed on the internet. Had I signed that apology, prepared by Gold Reef City Casino, I would have absolved the criminality of, among others, the Gauteng Gambling Board, the Registrar of Companies, the National Lotteries Commission and the Judiciary; all captured organs of state, under government led by the ANC.  I would never have been able to vindicate Kwame’s courage.

In support of our effort to educate a cognitive understanding of the savagery of racism, we have attached two dossiers. The first is made up of just three letters; total of six pages. It is headed:



We have supplemented the MAKHANYA/UNISA dossier with two pages of evidence titled:



These two pages show the names of those who worked in concert with Mr Christopher Till, who is one among other violent racist criminals of Gold Reef City Casino. The last added page is a letter we received from ANC Minister of Education Kader Asmal in 2003. After reading our unchallenged evidence about the conduct of ANC cadres deployed in organs of state, you may appreciate why, 16 years later, we treat Kader Asmal’s explanation with contempt.

Our second dossier was delivered to the Judicial Commission of Inquiry into State Capture on 19 February 2019. The name and registration number of the company that Rivonia School paid on that visit years ago, is our absolute proof that THE SOUTH AFRICAN APARTHEID MUSEUM AT FREEDOM PARK, REGISTRATION: 2001/019108/08, is nothing but figment in the imagination of a corrupt judiciary. Gold Reef City Casino, as Kwame said, stole our lives, secured my imprisonment and defrauded your school. As activists and educators, we teach that silence in the face of fraud, is fraud. Silence in the face of racism, is racism.

Brian Tlhabi of Gold Reef City Casino one among other criminal non-white directors

BRIAN BRYNNER TLHABI is the full name of one among other non-white directors of Akani Egoli (Pty) Ltd. In 1997, two applicants came before the Gauteng Gambling Board (GGB) to bid for the limited number of casino licences available in the Gauteng Province. The second applicant was Akani Egoli Management (Pty) Ltd, where one finds, the now Deputy Judge President, Phineas Mojapelo, as a director, with Reuel Jethro Khoza. Solomon and Abraham Krok, the Zionist twins who led the White directors, positioned Reuel Khoza, as Chairman of Gold Reef City Casino. Gold Reef Resorts Limited, listed on the JSE, was the holding company for, among other properties, Gold Reef City Casino. Casino Austria International (CAI) held a 30% share in Gold Reef Resorts Limited.

The initial bid application was submitted on 12 June 1997 and the GGB Public Hearings were held on 12 November 1997. This criminal syndicate of White and non-white casino bosses comes into existence under an ANC led regime that marketed the misplaced imprimatur: Black Economic Empowerment, as a panacea for restorative economic justice.

We instituted legal proceedings against the owners of the Gold Reef City Casino Licence after reading the manifestly fraudulent press release that the casino distributed to local and international media. On 02 December 2001, journalist Charlotte Bauer of the disgraceful Sunday Times, knowingly, published that fraudulent misrepresentation thus:

“The Apartheid Museum as a concept was conceived four years ago by business tycoons Solly and Abe Krok, as a carrot to be dangled before the Gauteng Gambling Board in the hope of securing a gambling licence for the Gold Reef City Casino”.

On 02 December 2001, I was the legal owner of two registered trademarks. In line with my vocation to educate, in 1990, I registered the trademark: THE APARTHEID MUSEUM® under SERVICES in Class 41: Education and Entertainment.

That 1990 trademark, renewed in the year 2000, under the new Trademarks Act, was then recorded in Part A of the Register under Registration No:1990/03560. Our 48 Page prospectus, published in 1998, coincided with the Class 35 registration of our SERVICES Trademark The Apartheid Museum® Certificate No: 1998/13337.

We the people, by way of statute, instructed the GGB to conduct probity checks, to ensure that the privilege of our Public License will only be awarded to fit and proper persons. On 12 November 1997, at the Public Hearings, the Chairman of the GGB, Advocate Isaac Vincent Maleka SC, assisted by Advocate Ishmael Semenya SC, listened as the White Supremacist criminal, Solomon Krok explained the casino commitment:

“I believe FREEDOM PARK is a must see attraction and I believe that we will do everything in our power to make sure that we build that project even if we have to scale down the rest of the enterprise because we think that what South Africa needs is tourism. I think it behoves us to do that. So, only as a last resort would we cut down on FREEDOM PARK.

Nowhere is there any mention of The Apartheid Museum. The “carrot” was FREEDOM PARK, a Verwoerdian styled concept of local tribes, each exhibiting their tribal affiliations in a cultural village of some sort. The GGB awarded the two applicants a temporary casino licence subject to the condition that FREEDOM PARK, as per the submitted concept, is built within a period of three years.

Our lawsuit against the owners of the Gold Reef City Casino Licence was allocated Case No: 23679/2002 TPD. Their answering affidavit is brazen. They admitted that Gold Reef City Casino colluded with the South African Government and the ruling ANC. The guardians of the Gold Reef City Casino License, holding a fiduciary duty to shareholders and public, on their own version, corrupted statutory law. All eighteen years of violence, torture and unlawful dispossession my family has suffered, under this South African Judiciary, is embedded in the following, blatantly dishonest, self-destructive paragraph:

“The business known as Gold Reef City and Casino, which is operated by my company, does not trade or operate as “The Apartheid Museum”. The organisation which operates as “The Apartheid Museum” is a company registered in terms of Section 21 of the Companies Act with registration number 2001/019108/08, by the name of “The South African Apartheid Museum at Freedom Park”, which is not a party to this application. In the premises a separate application for such expungement has now been launched by the said Section 21 Company under case number 32237/2002, which I propose should be heard simultaneously with this application as the same facts are applicable to both applications.”

This fraudulent misrepresentation is proven by the fact that, to this day, there is not one shred of evidence anywhere, not even at SARS, to show that the said Section 21 Company has ever traded or operated – not even for a single day. The words, “registered in terms of Section 21 of the Companies Act” were intended to deceive the court into the belief that there is in existence, a JURISTIC PERSON, with a “legal right to sue or be sued” in a court of law. Every court, under the control of Deputy Judge President Phineas Mojapelo, believed the owners of the Gold Reef City Casino Licence. So it is that, from Case Number: 32237/2002 through to Case Number: 14590/2013, over a period of 18 years, all our human rights – with extreme violence against my family and others – have been violated.

Brian Brynner Tlhabi is a fraudster criminally involved in transnational fraud and racketeering. He has nevertheless, since 17 July 2003, lived a contented life, full in the knowledge that they, the guardians of the Gold Reef City Casino Licence, never so much as applied to the Registrar of Companies, for the registration of: THE SOUTH AFRICAN APARTHEID MUSEUM AT FREEDOM PARK (8 Words).

BRIAN TLHABI and REDI DIREKO were married on 12 September 2010. Just over a year before their marriage, on 16 July 2009, Redi Direko, the respected talk show host on the Johannesburg based Radio 702, met with Mr Christopher Till at the edifice that the owners of our Public Licence will have the world believe, was “conceived by Solly and Abe Krok, as a carrot to be dangled before the Gauteng Gambling Board.”

Christopher Till is a Rhodesian who fled independent Zimbabwe. He is a racist White criminal fraudster, who, with the authority of the owners of the Gold Reef City Casino Licence, also swore under oath that THE SOUTH AFRICAN APARTHEID MUSEUM AT FREEDOM PARK, is registered in terms of Section 21 of the Companies Act. It was only after an appeal to Public Protector, Advocate Thuli Madonsela that the Registrar of Companies released an inception file that purported to be that of the said company. An inspection of the file reveals that it is nothing more than a cut paste and photocopy forgery.

Solomon Krok, George Bizos, Steven Joffe, Christopher Kroese, Kim Feinberg, John Kani, Sidney Abramowitch, Richard Moloko and Christopher Till are listed as directors. Attorney, Lesego wa Lesego – a Black man, also listed, has emphatically distanced himself from the fraud. None of the criminals followed his example. Neither did they dispute his version.

Sixteen months before their marriage, Redi Direko, bearing all the influence she had earned as a respected talk show host at Radio 702, gave credence to the criminal conduct of her husband when he signed off on that answering affidavit, dated 01 November 2002. Twelve years later, in an effort to bring an end to my publicly exposing their fraud, they demanded my imprisonment. I could have avoided prison if I had apologised and signed the document, they had prepared for me. I flatly refused every opportunity to comply with their demand. I did so primarily because Black property has been unlawfully seized by White racist savages from the mid 1600’s when they first landed on Afrikan soil. We have been murdered and imprisoned, whenever we fought for our property – and our dignity.

Europeans were largely underdeveloped when they arrived here. Barbaric and brutal in nature, they could not conceive of a common humanity. The racist White criminals that Brian Tlhabi chose to bed with, have never been able to move beyond the savage nature of their forebears. The European, gun and bible in hand, interrupted the organic development of humanity, through the slave trade, genocide and a host of other atrocities, that destroyed our language, culture, spiritual beliefs and our hopes and dreams.

Don’t Call Me Lady: The Journey of Lady Alice Seeley Harris, tells of the unrestrained violence of King Leopold 11 of Belgium, following the Berlin Conference of 1885. The author and photographer notes that in the 23 years that Leopold II ruled the Congo he massacred 10 million Afrikans by cutting off their hands and genitals, flogging them to death, starving them into forced labour, holding children ransom and burning villages. Without photographs that cause Afrikans to weep; here is an extract on the story of NSALA.

“He hadn’t made his rubber quota for the day, so the Belgian-appointed overseers had cut off his daughter’s hand and foot. Her name was Boali. She was five years old. Then they killed her. But they weren’t finished. Then they killed his wife too. And because that didn’t seem quite cruel enough, quite strong enough to make their case, they cannibalized both Boali and her mother. And they presented Nsala with the tokens, the leftovers from the once living body of his darling child whom he so loved. His life was destroyed. They had partially destroyed it anyway by forcing his servitude, but this act finished it for him. All of this filth had occurred because one man, one man who lived thousands of miles across the sea, one man who couldn’t get rich enough, had decreed that this land was his and that these people should serve his own greed. Leopold had not given any thought to the idea that these African children, these men and women, were our fully human brothers, created equally by the same Hand that had created his own lineage of European Royalty.”

When Redi Direko met with Curator Christopher Till on 16 July 2009, they were campaigning with Radio 702 and the Nelson Mandela Foundation. The United Nations was moved to declare the 18th July – Mandela Day. The scheme they devised “to make the world a better place” encouraged every human being on the planet to spend 67 minutes doing something that embodies “the spirit of Nelson Mandela.”  George Bizos, and the other racist White savages, criminally involved in this morally repugnant international scam, unlike Alice Seeley Harris, have yet to transcend the barbaric ethos of their forebears.

Much like Brian and Redi Tlhabi, we too had dreams for our children. As children, in a single parent home, my siblings and I knew grinding poverty, notwithstanding our beloved mother’s every effort. Today, after 18 years, the cost of a ream of paper competes with a meal, as we go out in search of justice. It wasn’t always like that for my family. In the telling of the TRUE story of The Apartheid Museum, I am NSALA, awaiting murder, rather than witness our children – butchered as they have been for the past 18 years.

Eusebius Mckaiser of Radio 702 one among other house negroes – a non-white slave

Eusebius McKaiser is a well-known talk show host on the popular, Johannesburg based Radio 702. Issie Kirsh founded PRIMEDIA and the enterprise now known as Radio 702. McKaiser enjoys a massive public following – 290K on Twitter alone. He is a published author, freelance writer and television commentator because he is articulate, and some believe, well-read on a range of topics. McKaiser is, for far too many, an outspoken and trusted source of integrity on issues of corruption, politics, racism, constitutionalism and his sexual preferences. He is, for some, an intellectual of sorts.

We take issue with McKaiser primarily because his conduct, especially as a journalist, has a direct bearing on the trauma, violence, destitution and human rights abuses that my family has endured at the hands of racist criminals who, through fraud and racketeering now claim a legal right to three words: THE APARTHEID MUSEUM. The owners of the Gold Reef City Casino Licence have sustained their violence for eighteen years which began when the Sunday Independent, on 18 November 2001, published without question the blatantly dishonest claim that: “Tycoon Solly Krok found inspiration for Johannesburg’s new Apartheid Museum while visiting a memorial to the Holocaust in Washington.”

In the year 2001 my 1990 trademark THE APARTHEID MUSEUM® (renewed in the year 2000) was recorded in Part A of the Register under Certificate:1990/03560. Our 48-page full colour prospectus, published in 1998, coincided with our Class 35 registration The Apartheid Museum® – Certificate: 1998/13337.

The lesson on the “House Negro” emerges in a seminal lecture by Afrikan American revolutionary Malcolm X at Michigan State University on 23 January 1963. Malcolm X, exploring the impact of White Supremacy, takes his audience through the psychosis of self-hate as it develops in the mind of the enslaved who work close to the White Master.

Just as Malcolm X explained the “House Negro” apart from the “Field Negro”, Steven Bantu Biko defined the conscientized Black mind apart from others he referred to as non-white. The psychiatrist Frantz Fanon, like Biko, Malcolm X and many others have contributed to our understanding of the enslaved mind: “The Negro enslaved by his inferiority, the white man enslaved by his superiority, alike, behave in accordance with a neurotic orientation”

On 03 September 2018, specialist psychiatrist, Dr Mashadi Motlana explained the impact of racism to Eusebius McKaiser on Radio 702. She spoke of “apartheid and the trauma that South Africans have been subjected to”. She explained how “these things become trans-generational”. She went on to say, “we’ve never really healed the wounds of what we were subjected to during apartheid”.

Twenty years before Eusebius McKaiser interviewed Dr Motlana, Sowetan political editor Mathatha Tsedu, after studying our prospectus, wrote an article under the headline: MUSEUM COULD HEAL OUR WOUNDS. He captured our mission and vision as clearly as any other honest journalist could have – if all were not intent on the fake, fraudulent version marketed by Gold Reef City Casino with Solly and Abe Krok as great visionaries.

“It is in this room that the genesis of what has now come to be called The Apartheid Museum was born. Mike Stainbank, originator of the concept, has been nursing the idea for over twenty years and says it is a museum of ‘our past, and a monument to our future, because it is only after lancing the abscess of colonialism and apartheid that we can understand the effect it has had on our lives. Only then can we look towards healing, towards unifying our nation. But it is not the house that Stainbank wants to turn into a Museum. He wants it to be built into a billion-rand project which would be a ‘vibrant, social, cultural, sporting and commercial concourse where our history is told interactively’. Stainbank argues that the ‘tragedy of apartheid begs the South African Nation to take a strong position on lessons for humanity”

There is little, if anything, to suggest that Eusebius McKaiser is not a decent person. But racism is savage in the manner in which it renders its victims malleable, mere appendages, used to advance the criminal thieving nature of the European mind.

In Case No: 23679/2002 TPD, the deponents, Advocate Richard Moloko and the Curator, Christopher Till, authorised by the owners of the Gold Reef City Casino Licence, filed an answer and later a supplementary affidavit, after we sued the casino for infringement of our trademark The Apartheid Museum®. Packed with perjury, there is one critical averment that – under the rule of law – cannot possibly meet the demands of our constitution.

“The business known as Gold Reef City and Casino, which is operated by my company, does not trade or operate as “The Apartheid Museum”. The organisation which operates as “The Apartheid Museum” is a company registered in terms of Section 21 of the Companies Act with registration number 2001/019108/08, by the name of “The South African Apartheid Museum at Freedom Park”, which is not a party to this application. In the premises a separate application for such expungement has now been launched by the said Section 21 Company under case number 32237/2002, which I propose should be heard simultaneously with this application as the same facts are applicable to both applications.”

“Registered in terms of Section 21 of the Companies Act” confirms that it is the owners of the Gold Reef City Casino License, who, for 18 years, brought every criminal court to pretend that there was in existence of Juristic Person empowered, to sue or be sued in a court of law. There is no such company legally incorporated in South Africa. The Gauteng Gambling Board and the Registrar of Companies, read with the records of the South African Revenue Services, have since confirmed this.  When Chief Justice Mogoeng told City Press that “judges must be willing to die for the rule of law” he did so full in the knowledge that he leads a criminal syndicate of racists and non-white slaves. He was lying.   

The Kirsh and Krok families feature prominently as billionaires in the Jewish community. When Issie Kirsh of Radio 702, heard the lie about Solly Krok being inspired by the memorial to the Holocaust in Washington, he clearly did not share with his employees the PRIMEDIA proposal he conveyed to us three years earlier on 04 December 1998:

“Dear Mr Stainbank: Your letter dated 28 October 1998 regarding the establishment of the Apartheid Museum Foundation is acknowledged with thanks. We are willing to support the proposed Foundation on a value to be agreed basis and look forward to discussing this matter further with yourselves.”

Integrity is the primary tool of trade for journalists and judges alike. Chinua Achebe teaches us that; “One of the truest tests of integrity is its blunt refusal to be compromised.” Eusebius McKaiser, Chief Justice Mogoeng and many others, fail hopelessly on that score. When Eusebius McKaiser, the influencer, knowing these truths, makes himself available to appear at that racist edifice called The Apartheid Museum he facilitates moral and financial fraud against visiting tourists who believe he comes with honesty and integrity.

*17 July 2019 is the 16th Anniversary of the first fraudulent judgment handed down by White Racist Criminal – Justice Brian Southwood in Case No: 32237/2002 TPD.

Mike Stainbank

Founder: The Apartheid Museum®


TWITTER: @DefineRacism

Native life in South Africa: 1913 – 2003 – 2019

Solomon Plaatje: “Awaking on Friday morning, June 20, 1913, the South African native found himself, not actually a slave, but a pariah in the land of his birth.”

Native life in South Africa, authored by Solomon Plaatje (1876-1932) captures the introduction of the Natives Land Act of 1913, which became effective on the morning of Friday 20 June 1913. Twenty-nine years earlier, 1884-1885, Europeans gathered at the Berlin Conference and unilaterally decided on how they would divide Afrikan land among themselves. The colonisation of Afrika was formalised. The 200 odd years before 1884 were spent consolidating Europe’s need to civilise Afrikans who had never heard of Jesus and the Bible. Afrikans, soon enough, got to learn that those who loved the loving Jesus, had other means to civilise them. So it is that, as the gun stood in the doorway and the whip on the flagpole, the bible lay at the bedside. Europeans settled on Afrikan land.

Solomon Plaatje’s book, Native Life in South Africa covers what Europeans thought was their final act of total dispossession; Afrikan land, dreams, language, belief, personality, ingenuity, thought, culture and natural resources. Little did they know that Solomon Plaatje’s efforts would see him as the first Secretary General of the South African Native African Congress; later renamed the African National Congress – ANC.

Awaking on the morning of Friday 20 June 2003, as a native South African, I did not consider myself a slave, nor a pariah in the land of my birth. Exactly 90 years after the introduction of the Native Land Act, I made my way to the Pretoria High Court. Nine years earlier, Solomon Plaatje’s political party had entered into an arrangement with European settlers. In this arrangement of 1994, came the promise of constitutionalism and the rule of law which guaranteed, equality, freedom and much more.

In the court room I met three European males. Justice Brian Southwood was on the bench and Advocate Owen Salmon had Donald Lindsay MacRobert as his instructing attorney. Salmon and MacRobert, had come to get Justice Brian Southwood to bring judicial credence to a blatantly dishonest report that appeared in the Sunday Times on 02 December 2001.

“The Apartheid Museum as a concept was conceived four years ago by business tycoons Solomon and Abraham Krok, as a carrot to be dangled before the Gauteng Gambling Board in the hope of securing a gambling licence for the Gold Reef City Casino”.

The Jewish Times of last week, 13 June 2019, still tells warm stories about the Kroks:

It was 90 years ago that Chai Sora lay in the delivery room of the Queen Victoria hospital near Hillbrow in Johannesburg. Much to the surprise of the doctors in the maternity ward, when Solly Krok popped out, the labour was not yet over. Nineteen hours later, Abe made his appearance and the legend of the Krok twins was born.”

When I asked GOOGLE to tell me about significant events on 20 June 1913; the search engine responded: “It was Friday under the birth sign of Gemini; the sign of the Twins”

The case of Hollywood Curl vs Twins Products (1988) tells the story of an Afrikan American entrepreneur, Vide Kannike Martins who registered the company Hollywood Curl (Pty) Ltd, while the Krok twins held exclusive rights to the trademark HOLLYWOOD. The Kroks brought in Advocate Brian Southwood, with Owen Salmon as instructing attorney. Their legal argument whipped Ms Martins, the descendant of enslaved Afrikans. The Appellate Court, in providing three statutory reasons, set a binding legal precedent for all to follow:

“It should also be borne in mind that the protection afforded by Section 10 of the Company’s Act is additional to, and not in substitution of, any statutory protection of trademarks and the common law remedies relating to passing-off. Hollywood Curl (Pty) Ltd will be prevented from using that name to describe its business and goods. For these reasons I conclude that the judge a quo correctly found that Twins was entitled to relief under s 45(2).”

Don MacRobert is no slouch when it comes to intellectual property law. He enjoys an online presence through which he lectures thus: “A trademark registration is useful to prevent third parties from registering companies which may have confusingly similar names.”

In Case Number 32237/2002 TPD, before Justice Brian Southwood, the Applicant that came to expunge my trademark was a “company” with the name: The South African Apartheid Museum at Freedom Park, Registration Number: 2001/019108/08. It was, according to Gold Reef City Casino, “incorporated” on 14 August 2001. In August 2001, I owned two registered trademarks: The Apartheid Museum® (Class 41 and Class 35) standing of full force and effect on the Trademarks Register. After 18 years in litigation, there are over 25 Court Judgments, through all Superior Courts, in favour of a “company” that, according Messrs Southwood, Salmon, MacRobert and Krok and  the SCA, cannot possibly exist as a Juristic Person, with a legal right to sue or be sued in a court of law.

On 28 November 2014, in Case Number 37609/2014 JHB GLD, Acting Judge Raylene Keightley sentenced me to a term of imprisonment because I flatly refused to apologise to anybody for disseminating material that exposed criminality and racism in the judiciary and among all those who conspired with the Registrar of Companies to break the law.

Solomon Plaatje, the author died on 19 June 1932 – 87 years to the day that I began to write this story. Completed exactly 106 years after Afrikans were dispossessed of their property, I have now been made to understand that I am enslaved. Denied equality and the right to property, I am, as Solomon Plaatje so painfully lamented, a pariah in the land of my birth.

Mike Stainbank

Founder: The Apartheid Museum®


TWITTER: @DefineRacism1